EVA IVF is a one stop solution for different kind of infertility problems. We have associated with the top most IVF Centers of India and offering wide range of fertility treatment services with latest technological advancement in fertility treatment. 

Fertility treatments are available globally, but the treatment cost is what deters most couple for opting for this procedure. In Vitro fertilization cost in India is far much cheaper and available at a fraction of cost when compared to other countries. Our IVF centers work on global standard and attain high success rate of IVF that are equivalent to any international center.

For our international patient, we provide unique and personalize care with our well experienced fertility specialist and supportive staff. During our initial counselling, we diagnose and determine the treatment plan as per individual requirement. We guide, support, and assist as needed. We follow the transparency and maintain the confidentiality and ethics. IVF success rates are higher with us as because of our holistic treatment approach with advancement in fertility treatment.

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EvaIVF was established in the year 2008 with an aim to provide the best possible comprehensive care in the field of IVF, male and female infertility treatment and surrogacy in India.



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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) procedure is highly beneficial for couples where men have a low motility count and low sperm count to develop a baby without any complications and stress. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a newprocedure in the field of IVF that helps couples with sperm-related problems to conceive successfully. This technique was developed in Belgium in the year 1992 and aims to inject a single sperm into an ovulated egg.  
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a complex laboratory procedure that aims to separate fast-moving sperm from the more sluggish or non-moving sperms in order to find the best sperm for artificial insemination procedures. This procedure was first tried in animals to breed them with high quality. In 1793, the first human pregnancy was reported owing to successful IUI. The fast moving sperm is simply implanted into the woman’s womb when she is close to the time of ovulation. When the egg is released from her ovary in the middle of her monthly cycle, the sperm takes action and fertilizes the egg for a successful pregnancy.
SET is known as Single Embryo Transfer, an IVF process by which a good quality blastocyst embryo is transferred back to the patient’s womb for a possible pregnancy. The embryos that successfully survive to the blastocyst stage of future zygote development are more likely to be stronger and healthier. Since its inception in the year 2002, the number of patients opting for SET (Single Embryo Transfers) has increased. Nearly 20% of all IVF patients and 41% of donor egg patients have successfully elected to transfer a single embryo which has resulted in an astounding 61% clinical pregnancy rate for IVF and close to 62% pregnancy rate for a donor egg.
A new alternative to the traditional “slow freezing” method for embryos has been prevalent since the 1980’s. The new vitrification method for freezingIVF extracted embryosis now more popular and safer since it has a much higher ‘post-thaw survival’ and success rate as compared to older methods of cryopreservation. Not only this, the pregnancy success rates are also more favourable in this method.


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