Abnormal sperm shape

Abnormal Sperm Shape

The shape and size of a sperm is referred to as sperm morphology. Men who suffer from defective sperm production release a high percentage of abnormal sperm. Abnormal sperm shape develops due to various reasons like genetic factors, increase in the temperature of testicles, exposure to toxic chemicals and infection. Abnormal sperm shape is also called teratozoospermia or poor sperm development. Abnormal sperm shape is defined as the presence of large percentage of sperm, which has abnormal shape in a man’s ejaculate. It is characterized by the sperm having abnormality in the head or tail, like large or misshapen head or a crooked or double tail. Such defects lead to the inability of the sperm to reach the egg. Thus, this condition reduces the chances of conceiving.


  • Medical factors: Medical conditions that affects fertility are: Varicoceles, celiac disease, imbalance of the hormones and infections.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to certain chemicals or radiation can affect fertility.
  • Lifestyle factors: Lifestyle factors that leads to teratozoospermia are: intake of drugs and alcohol, obesity and stress.


Diagnosis of Abnormal Sperm Shape

  • Semen analysis: In this test, a microscope slide is lined with a thin coating of semen. The slide is then stained to make the sperm visible and then observed under the microscope.


Abnormal Sperm treatment

  • IVF: This involves the extraction of eggs, followed by their fertilization and retrieving sperm sample, and then, manually combing the two (egg and sperm) in a laboratory dish. This embryo is then transferred to the uterus.

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