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Couple which is unable to conceive for one year despite making continuous unprotected sex is referred as Infertile Couple. 


Approximately Every One of six couples face problems in conceiving child in first year of baby making efforts. Female Infertility is a term given when female partner is the reason for infertility among the couple and male partner is sexually and medically fit for reproduction.

Female Infertility Causes

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For a baby to manifest from a regular unprotected sexual intercourse, the following steps have to happen in correct sequence and at right timing. Moving forward we will also understand what can go wrong in the process and how we can diagnose the problem and treatment options for Underlying problems.


Process of Reproduction


1. A female’s body must release an egg from her ovaries, this process is called ovulation. Correct Hormonal balance from pituitary, hypothalamus and other glands with working ovaries are required for women to ovulate effectively. Ovulation Disorders are the most common cause of Infertility in women. Premature Ovarian failure/Premature Menupause is a condition when Ovaries stop working before age of 40 Years. PCOS(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) causes hormonal imbalance which hampers ovulation, PCOS can be treated by Medicines and Surgery. Hormonal Imbalance of FSH and LH Hormones is termed as Hypothalmic dysfunction, and for Prolactin Hormone is called hyperprolactenimia. Hormonal Imbalance can be treated by external medicines and steroids.

2.A male's sperm must fertilize the female egg, Once the Egg is released by the Ovaries then it must get fertilized by the sperms present in the Male ejaculate. Problems and Treatment related to male sperms production and ejaculate can be understood in the adjacent article of Male Infertility Causes and Treatment Overview. Female partner may also have abnormal Cervical Mucus, which may prevent sperms from entering the uterus or may promote the destruction of sperms altogether. Infertility Issues generated through Cervical Mucus can be effectively dealt with Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) method.

3.Once the egg is fertilized, it must reach the uterus for Implantation through one of the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg may not reach the uterus due to blockage in the Fallopian tube known as Tubal Disease. The blockage in the Fallopian tube may be developed due to previous Surgery(Tubal Ligation), current Infection/STD ( Gonorrhea), Endometriosis of Uterus or Other unexplained reasons. Infertility Treatment of Tubal disease can be done depending on the underlying condition such as medicines for STD and Other Infections, Surgery for removing blockages from fallopian tubes. IVF method can also be complimented with the treatment of Infertility Issues.

4.The Uterus must be capable to develop the fertilized egg to fetus. Females having Congenital abnormalities in uterus or effect of fibroids and polyops may lead to miscarriage. Surgery can be done for treating abnormal/faulty Uterus  and for fibroids/Polyops etc, which can provide the uterus required strength to support a child.

There may also be infertility cases which may not fit in the reasoning discussed above, and most of the symptoms will be absent except for Infertility. We call them Unexplained Cases of Infertility, as it evident from the experience that Artificial Reproduction Techniques (IVF, IUI, ICSI) works very well in Unexplained Cases of Infertility.


There are several Risk factors which may affect fertility in females and males.


Exposure to harmful chemicals/toxins like Lead and certain pesticides used in farming.

Sexually Transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea.

Obesity or severe Obesity among any or both of the partners.

Alcohol or Drugs Abuse.

Medical Conditions such as Endometriosis.


Stress may also affect on Eggs and Sperms Production.


If you or any of your friend is fighting with Infertility then don’t loosen your heart you just need Right Counseling/Treatment and Lots of Hope and Love. In we are determined to reach each and every Infertile Couples with nurturing and loving environment throughout the maze of fertility options and instituting plans to help bring baby home.


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Childmaking has become easier with the help of advanced technology in Medical Domain and is presenting 10 Easy Ways to Boost Fertility Among  Infertile Couples.

Most of the Normal couples want to add child to their life to make the family complete and happy at the same time. But sometimes infertility comes as a hindrance in the path of getting pregnant and happiness. Thus, is presenting you with various easy ways to boost fertility among infertile couples.

Boost Fertility Naturally

Boost Fertility Naturally

The 10 Easy Ways to boost fertility are mentioned below:

  1. A healthy body weight is very importance to boost up the fertility levels for the women. Overweight or underweight females can pose a danger in conceiving child and also it can affect hormonal balance which results in disturbance of normal ovulation cycle.
  2. Keeping the male sperm healthy is very important in preserving and boosting male fertility, since these little swimmers play an important role in the fertilization of the egg. Hence the quantity, quality, movement, structure are the main features of healthy sperms. Men are encouraged to maintain a balanced diet, proper body weight, manage stress and exercise on a regular basis to boost their fertility.
  3. Sexually Transmitted Disease(STDs) are reason for Infertility among many couples.  So to Boost Your fertility Multiple sex partners should be avoided and treatment of STD Infection must be done ASAP.
  4. Having regular Sex keeps the couple sexually healthy and active. It is recommended to have sex every day or two and especially during the period when the female partner is in the most fertile period.
  5. Use Simple lubrication like Baby Oils, during sex so that sperm is able to travel smoothly. It should also be checked that the lubricant does not cause any negative effect to the sperm or the egg.
  6. Alcohol Consumption should be prohibited or at least limited for both the men and women to improve fertility rate. Excessive drinking in men may decreases the production of testosterone thereby causing a reduction in the sperm count in the male ejaculate and for women who drink excessively lead to problems in ovulation.
  7. Coffee consumption should be minimized since the caffeine in coffee plays an important role in increasing infertility score.
  8. Smoking is very harmful for sexual health of men and women. Among men, excessive smoking causes the sperm count to decrease and in women it causes the premature aging the ovaries thereby reducing fertility.
  9.  Avoiding all kinds of toxins like pesticides, lead, organic solvents etc. may help in increasing the fertility among the men and women.
  10. Balanced Healthy Diet for both female and male partner helps in increasing fertility. Infertility Superfoods can be included in the diet of an Infertile Couple.

Do you know more fertility Boosting Methods, then Please share your knowledge with the world in the comments and also please let us know about your experience with the above fertility Boosting methods and personal tweaks. We would be very happy to hear from your side.



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Male Infertility, Causes and Treatments.

Addition of a new child to the family is a matter of immense joy and happiness. But when a couple is deprived of this supreme joy due to one reason or the other then life of childless couple becomes very difficult. From ancient times, Infertility issues are associated only with the female sex, but the male infertility is largely ignored and accounts for around 33% of childless couples. A diagnosis of male infertility was difficult in the past due to various reasons including Male Ego, Social Patriarchy. But new advancement in Medical and social space are changing very fast and most cases of Male Infertility can be treated by corrective Counselling with Medical Management Or Surgical Methods.


Male Infertility

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Common Causes of Male Infertility 

Good Quality and Quantity of Sperms and there Safe and Successful transportation of sperms to the Ovulating  Female Eggs(Vagina) are the most important factors to maintain good Male Fertility, so Male Infertility Issues can be divided in to Sperm Production Problems, Sperms Transportation Problems and Other Causes.


  1. Sperm Production Problems.

  • About 2/3 of the Infertile males have problem in making sperms in their Testes. If No Sperms are being Produced or Ejaculated then the Male Infertility condition is called Azoospermia. Oligospermia is a condition when a too few sperms are produced inside male testis.  Low Sperm Motility is a condition when sperms face difficulty in reaching female egg in order to fertilize it. Undescended testes is the failure of the testes to descend at birth and Torsion i.e twisting of the testis in scrotum may also cause Infertility in males.
  • Sperms Production can be effected by (STDs) Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, epididymitis, orchitis etc, and other Infections like successfully Treating the infection can reverse the problem.
  • Hormonal Imbalance in brain’s hypothalamus and pituitary glands plays very Important role in producing unhealthy sperms, Once Diagnosed Hormonal Imbalance can be treated by Medical Management.
  • Rare Genetical Diseases like Klinefelter’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Kallmann’s syndrome and Kartagener’s syndrome  and Immune System disorders can also prevent the growth of Healthy sperms. Treating the underlying condition or Assistance with IVF may help with the Infertility issues depending on the case.


  1. Problems with sperms Transportation

  • Blockages , Birth Defects or Physical Damage in testicles in some men block the sperm for getting in to Semen. Physical Trauma /Injury in the testicles, Prostate and Uthera can also result in Male Infertility. All these problems can be corrected by surgical method or Infertility (IVF) treatment.
  • Retrograde Ejaculation is one condition where Semen is ejaculated in bladder instead through the Penis, Erectile Dysfunction, Pre Mature/Failure in Ejaculation or Nerve Damage may also attribute to male infertility. Surgical correction or Hormonal Therapy can be given as per the requirement.
  • Varicoceles, are enlarged varicose veins developed inside scrotum and obstruct flow of blood, 40% of male suffering from Varicoceles also face male infertility Issues. Once Diagnosed it can be corrected by surgical treatment.
  • Prostate Surgery/Prostate Tumor or any Previous Chemotherapy/Cancer Treatment may also induce Infertility.


  1. Other causes of Infertility.

  • Lifestyle related causes like Excessive Drinking, Drugs Abuse, Stress, Obesity, exposure to Industrial Chemicals, Heavy Metals Exposure, X-Ray/ Other Radiation Exposure etc


Treatment of Infertility in Men

Infertility in Men can be treated after diagnosing the underlying problem behind the cause of Infertility, Common Treatment Method Include Surgical Treatment or Medical Management, Most of the cases will benefit from surgery or Medicines but in some conditions IVF Treatment will be recommended after Infertility Treatment. is on a mission to serve as a trusted independent and unbiased source of #fertility information. We aim to be #1 in providing Online Fertility Advice by providing a nurturing and loving environment throughout the maze of fertility options and instituting plans to help bring baby home.


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