Pelvic Adhesions

causes of pelvic adhesion


Pelvic adhesions is a condition where Internal Organs stick to one another by the fibrous bands of Scar Tissue. Pelvic Adhesions occur in women who have endometriosis, that is left untreated. It can be formed after Cesarean sections or any other type of open surgery of pelvic region. It can also be resulted of infections. It can also be caused by Myomectomy and endometriosis surgery. The risk of adhesions increases with Open abdominal and pelvic surgeries in comparison to Laparoscopic Surgeries.  Pelvic pain can be caused by the scar tissue that develops between the two organs in the pelvic region. Pelvic adhesions can occur in regions around the bladder, uterus, ureter, ovaries and bowel. Pelvic adhesions can have an impact on a woman’s ability to conceive and increases the risk of bowel dysfunction or even obstruction.



  • Adhesions caused by surgery: One of the most common causes of adhesions is previous Open pelvic or Abdominal Surgery like Cesarean deliveries, myomectomy and endometriosis surgery or any other Open Abdominal or Pelvic.
  • Adhesions caused by infection: Infectious disease like PID, STDs can also cause the formation of pelvic adhesion in pelvic cavity.
  • Adhesions caused by innate pathology: Ectopic endometrial tissue, inflammatory enzyme and old pooled menstrual blood can form Adhesions throughout the pelvic cavity.



  • Pain caused by pulling on nerves. 
  • Pain caused while deep breathing.
  • Painful bowel movements, cramps, constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloatedness.
  • Pain during sexual activity or upon menstruation.
  • Loss of weight.
  • Loss of appetite.


treatment of pelvic adhesion

Pelvic Adhesions are treated when they are causing other problems like Infertility, constant recurring pain. A procedure named Resection of Pelvic Adhesion is performed Laparoscopically or Laprotomically(Open Surgery) depending on the area and severity of Adhesions.  laparotomy with lysis adhesions

  • Laparoscopy Resection: A Laparoscope is inserted in the abdomen through small incisions and adhesions are removed meticulously.
  • Laparotomy: This is an open  surgical technique where a large incision is made from the navel down the abdomen, which gives complete access to abdominal and pelvic organs and then Adhesions are removed.


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