Treatment In India

ART and IVF Techniques have given human beings the power to go against all the odds and reproduce the way they want to. It is a wonderful gift from advancements of science to people who are childless and are yearning to become parents.

Unsuccessful intercourse, low motility rates of sperms, inconsistent periods, low ovarian counts and less developed Fallopian tubes normally cause problems in natural conception. This is countered by opting for IVF Techniques – where sperm samples are mated with ovarian extracts in a petri-dish under hygienic and temperature controlled environments to form an egg.


Indian IVF Specialists doctors have mastered the art of Artificial Reproduction from the Fertility Centers of Western Countries. In India there are Hundreds and Thousands of Fertility Care Centers but we have chosen the best centers and Negotiated the best price with them.
All such treatments are available globally, but the cost is what deters most couples for opting for this procedure. Don’t worry, plan a medical trip to India and uplift your hopes… your baby dream will be fulfilled by us!
Our IVF Center works on global standards and attains success rates that are equivalent to any international center – but at a fraction of the cost you would have had to pay in your home country.


The reason India is a perfect destination for overseas patients looking forward to a successful pregnancy is that the country’s infrastructure and technology are at par with most of the Western countries and there is no ‘waiting time’ for you to sit back when you can successfully become a parent in the meantime!

We will help you in each and every process of the Indian Trip and IVF Treatment like procurement of Indian Medical Visa, Travel Logistics Arrangements from your country to India, affordable and safe accommodation arrangement in India, management of all the medical and diagnostics appointments, procurements of all the medicines and drugs at discounted rates.You simply have to fly over to India for about 3 weeks during your ovulation periods and get your personalized and comprehensive IVF cycle done at our world-class infertility treatment clinic.


You won’t have to stay at the clinic all the time, there is a range of premium and budget hotels/Guest Houses where you can stay until you get a positive result. If all goes well, you can also adopt for delivery at our center which has the latest world-class post-natal facilities in India.

Our centers are very close to the international airport, so your travel will also be easy and since we work with every patient in a personal manner, you will feel right at home under the able guidance and care of our expert staff.

If you want an excellent success rate, contact us now!